"A beauty that effortlessly commands slavery, complete devotion and total obedience, Sophia, the most dazzling incarnation of the eternal Goddess.”

“To meet Her is to experience an invasion of shock and awe - you will never recover; nothing will be the same again; there is only surrender, a desperate need to please Her and devote your life to Her as a living sacrifice.

In Her exquisite eyes you will see where dreams become reality; beneath Her perfect feet you will touch your future; all fantasy comes true in the flow of Her sublime limbs and the enchantment of Her voice. She is the destination of the slave's searching quest, the beginning and the end, the hell and the heaven, salvation and destruction.

She offers redemption through the gift of pain, enlightenment through suffering, expecting only, in return, what is Hers by right - the futile offerings of your body, mind and soul. All is not enough to kneel in the presence of Divinity" - slave #02

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