Chastity Key Holding

As a strong advocate for female supremacy, over the years I have come to the firmly held belief that for the vast, vast majority of males, the male appendage serves no useful purpose and is in fact actively disadvantageous in that it distracts him and detracts from his ability to serve his rightful purpose. Unfortunately, males are the weaker sex by nature and though a slave may be very well aware that the urges he feels from his genitals are irrelevant as far as his female superiors are concerned and as such should not be yielded to, he may find himself unable to prevent himself from indulging in such unwanted behaviours as habitual masturbation and pornography viewing which can easily become compulsive if not kept in check.

Fortunately, there is a solution; a chastity device locked around the offending organ and the keys held safely by someone who can exercise control where you can’t – me.

She who controls the cock controls the man, and I adore the feeling of the bunch of tiny keys hanging on a chain around my neck, each one granting me total power over the wearer of the lock it pertains to.

Want to add the key to your device to my set of jailer’s keys? Key holding starts at £50 per month and can be conducted over long distance or between real time sessions. Contact me to discuss your requirements.