“A wonderful visit to the most elegant and assertive professional Dominatrix

Goddess Sophia was kind enough to spend the time in reading my rather long email whereas I expressed an interest in Caning and the removal of my freedom to masturbate. It was upon Monday the 31st August at precisely 17.52 whereas I received an email from Goddess Sophia, forbidding any further touching of myself. Two days later I found myself heading to Harrogate to seek a little help, guidance and encouragement in fulfilling my desire to become an obedient submissive and adhere to Goddess Sophia’s ruling.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by a very polite, articulate and beautiful lady. Goddess Sophia was dressed in a fitted white blouse, a fitted black skirt with high heels, creating a very assertive appearance. I was politely asked to follow Goddess upstairs whereas I had my first opportunity to admire Goddess Sophia’s perfect figure.

Following a brief discussion upon my likes and dislikes, I was politely directed to the bathroom, I undressed myself, nervously fumbling with the removal of my clothing and returned to the playroom and awaited Goddess Sophia.

It soon became apparent that Goddess Sophia is a very high class, elegant, courteous, considerate and intelligent professional Lady with a perfect posture. Although I have been a regular visitor to several known and accomplished Mistresses, I felt a little embarrassed to find that my etiquette and manners were significantly lower than Goddess Sophia’s expectations. I found myself been verbally chastised, forced to repeat basic and simple tasks and subjected to an occasional slap across the face. I acknowledge the importance and requirement to learn from my mistakes, and significantly improve both my etiquette and manners.

Goddess Sophia appeared to flourish in mentally and physically tormenting her newly acquired submissive and at ease in her own ability to control and bring her submissive to his knees. It wasn’t long before I found myself tightly strapped down upon Goddess Sophia’s punishment bench. Whereas I was subjected to a very firm hand spanking in preparation for a caning upon my soon to be reddened backside. I began to feel a little fear and apprehension as I watched Goddess Sophia carefully select a suitable cane from her generously stocked array of corporal punishment implements. Goddess Sophia took the time to explain exactly how the caning was to be administered. The caning was administered in a very formal manner, cane strokes were delivered in sets of six with a one minute break between each set, each stroke within the set was delivered immediately after the recipients count and a “Thank You Mistress”. I have never been particularly good with enduring a caning however this was most definitely the best caning I have experienced, six sets of six strokes and after the third set I found myself enjoying the pain. Goddess Sophia is without doubt exceptionally gifted with delivering a good caning, having earlier acknowledged the fact that I can be a wimp, the current condition of my backside is a testament to Goddess Sophia’s expertise.

After 36 strokes of the cane I was released from the punishment bench to quickly finding myself securely shackled and roped to Goddess Sophia’s bondage bench, whereas Goddess introduced me a very innocent looking little implement that she refers to as her Evil stick. Goddess Sophia demonstrated its effectiveness with just a flick upon my shoulder before she announced in a very firm and articulate manner as to exactly upon which part of my body the Evil stick was going to be used and I will soon be made to understand why it is called the Evil stick. I found myself testing the strength of Goddess Sophia’s shackles and ropes as my unfortunate male appendage became the target of this very cruel but effective instrument of pain. Finished off with strategically placed flicks of the Evil stick upon each of my testicles it was needless to say that the swelling and bruising so lovingly applied upon my male appendage by the beautiful Goddess Sophia ensured any short term intention of masturbation had been cruelly but fairly removed.

My torment continued as I remained tightly secured to Goddess Sophia’s bondage bench, I soon found myself in the unfortunate position of having clamps attached to my nipples. The nipple clamps appeared to grip harder as Goddess Sophia pulled upon the connecting chain of the clamps. Goddess soon became aware that upon her every pull of the chain, my bound male appendage twitched with excitement. Goddess Sophia showed great delight and no mercy in striking my male appendage with her riding crop upon every twitch, it became a game that appeared to offer Goddess Sophia great amusement. Although my nipples soon became unbearably sore and my appendage once again under attack it was such a pleasure to have contributed to Goddess Sophia’s amusement.

One of my most favourite memories of our session, I was still bound to the bondage bench with my nipples clamped and Goddess Sophia looked directly down upon her unfortunate slave, piercing blue eyes, immaculate makeup, long tied back red hair and the most precious smile from her gorgeous red lips. I soon realised what a lucky slave I was and upon seeing that precious smile I would have happily endured another six strokes of the cane upon my already more than adequately caned backside!

I arrived in Harrogate that afternoon with all the normal stress of everyday life and I left Harrogate with a big smile, a stinging backside, a well punished male appendage and sore nipples but all my everyday stress forgotten. A wonderful session and a wonderful Lady. I feel so lucky as to have met Goddess Sophia and considering it was our first session I would say it was one of my most enjoyable session I have experienced. With the awkwardness of the first session done I can only imagine lots of fun enjoyment for the future.

To describe Goddess Sophia I would say, very classy, intelligent, understanding, courteous, considerate, Beautiful, fair but firm, assertive, cruel, imaginative, fun and a great pleasure to be acquainted.

After our first session I now find myself determined do my very best to both please and entertain Goddess Sophia, I suspect there will be an amount of suffering required upon my part but I’m so intoxicated whilst in the presence of Goddess Sophia that my suffering will become insignificant in relation to Goddess Sophia’s enjoyment and entertainment.

Thank You Goddess Sophia.
Your obedient inferior.” – slave Blue


“Two weeks ago the following question in a tweet from @maison dedebauche in Edinburgh intrigued me. ” Do you dare to test her CP skills? After some investigation and thought I submitted an application and awaited a reply. I did not wait long and it was clear that we shared a passion .

This afternoon I am walking down a busy street full of cars and people all going somewhere. I imagine most of them are going home and they would assume the same of me. Except I am not going home. I am very close to my destination and when I arrive there I feel excited and somewhat apprehensive as I knock on the door. It is opened allowing me to enter and standing behind the door is a tall and very beautiful lady . For the first time ever I am in the presence of a Goddess! I can feel my heartbeat increase. I am familiar with my surroundings and walk further in to the room looking around to see if I can notice any changes since my last visit several months ago as nothing seems to stay the same here for long.

Despite my experience it is rare for me to meet with a new Mistress. Goddess Sophia puts me at ease with her down to earth manner and within a few minutes we are ready to commence.

I knew from my enquiries that Sophia was a very strict disciplinarian with a particular passion for caning mercilessly. Over the next hour I was going to find out whether I should have answered yes to the question that intrigued me. She was going to cane from cold and I could not be certain that I would be able to take caning from her for that long.

The bench was brand new and I was the first victim to be restrained over it. The smell of new leather was evident as I adjusted my position and allowed myself to be restrained by the various straps including a head restraint. Once restrained I waited while Sophia selected the first cane. She had brought some of her own including a Singapore cane. She told me she had exactly the same bench in her own chambers so I knew she would not need to make any adjustments to her usual stance.

There was real bite to the first stroke and it was quickly followed by the remaining five of the first set of six. It was immediately apparent that Sophia was very accurate with all the strokes landing in the same area. Further sets of six followed and it was not long before Sophia told me there was the first sign of some bleeding. By this time she had used a different cane but the speed of delivery and the accuracy remained the same. I find it difficult in the early stages of a caning from cold to cope with the pain and today it seemed to be taking the endorphins some time to come to my assistance. Sets of six become sets of twelve and it is not long before Sophia happily tells me that there is an area of skin missing now from my right buttock! I do not keep count so have no idea how many it took her.

I become aware of Sophia holding a very thick cane and telling me this is the Singapore cane. I know that I am not even halfway. and she is about to beat me with a cane the diameter of a decent stick! She tells me I will be given a set of six. The first stroke is a bit of a shock. It literally sends a shock wave through my buttocks and my first thought is that I will be heavily bruised. The remaining five strokes follow quickly . There is no flex in the cane at all . A further two sets of six follow with the same result as the first stroke. I am glad when she puts it down.

She quickly returns to a thinner cane a starts to lay the stokes on harder and again in sets of twelve. I am in the zone now and suspect she is as well. Every stroke is accurate and the pain builds as the strokes keep coming. In due course the sets are increased to eighteen strokes and just keep coming. I lose myself in the music that is playing Sophia asks me if I want to continue and without hesitation I agree. Although I do not keep a running total of strokes I know when eighteen has been reached and on this set she keeps going. After twenty four strokes I get a little respite before the next set. I know there are four such sets which gives some idea of the number of strokes I have take so far.I do not want her to stop but she decides I have taken enough for a first session. I ask her what level she has caned me at and am told seven out of ten. I request six of the best to give me an idea of how hard she can cane and she readily obliges and follows the first six with two further sets of six. I am flying now and could continue but agree that we should call a halt for today.

If the opportunity arises I will session again, and next time I want to take a nine out of ten level caning. I believe I can session at that level with Sophia. Ten out of ten may be another story!” – slave A


“I have visited many professional disciplinarians around the south of England over the last twenty years, and I have a small selection of favourites (all well-known names) to whom I regularly return. Most I now consider to be friends. My particular interest is in authentic school punishments, administered realistically and painfully by a harsh Headmistress. I am perpetually trying to recreate the nervous anticipation, the naïve bravado, and the fear that accompanied real experiences in the Head’s study during my schooldays.

Occasionally I come across somebody offering such services that I haven’t tried, and sometimes by choice, or through curiosity or circumstance, I decide to arrange a session with a ‘new’ (to me) headmistress. As part of that process I do as much research as possible – sounding out friends in the scene, looking for video clips, checking websites etc – building up as big a picture as possible of the person, before sending details of my experience, limits, aspirations and suggestions for the session.

This week, aching to be beaten, I was looking for someone to visit but without much success. I was vaguely aware of Goddess Sophia, and her adverts for no-nonsense caning in Harrogate. I sent off an enquiry about her occasional visits to London, and she quickly responded saying she was in London this weekend and had some availability. We arranged a time and date, and she was open minded and flexible during our discussions. She sounded like she would positively enjoy caning me … and that is always a great sign.

Over the next day or two I bought a couple of her clips, trawled through her twitter and generally behaved in a stalking-like way. I was happy with what I saw, but not blown away. The material seemed fine, but hadn’t really raised my expectations. I sent her details of my experience, limits and aspirations, and some suggestions for a Headmistress/pupil style scenario.

The day came, and I got a brief message saying my suggestions were all good, and we would be able to start the session in role immediately on my arrival – something that can be tricky, but that I particularly like to do. She was very helpful with questions I had about getting to the place. As I travelled to meet her there was a short, but evocative exchange of texts and tweets between student and Head which generated some butterflies. It had started!

I finally arrived and when Sophia opened the door I was staggered by her appearance. This person far exceeded my expectations. Standing taller than me in her heels, slim but strong, dressed smartly and professionally, she had the most piercing eyes and the most convincing Headmistress demeanour. As good as any I have experienced before. The session started properly at that point – the greeting was that of an angry Headmistress addressing a student who was 30 minutes later and didn’t seem to care. Total immersion into the scenario was immediate, and convincing.

Sophia had read and understood my situation expertly, and the session (not running to a script, but within a planned framework) was cleverly setup to allow both of us to feel it out and develop it at an appropriate place. The punishments were beautifully judged, and I was soon struggling to take them (exactly as I had requested). The characterisation was magnificent, and I was in awe (and love).
Sophia is not just personable, attractive and intelligent, but is genuinely expert at running sessions and reading her subjects. She is totally in control, but perpetually reading the signs, and offering opportunities to communicate tacitly, totally within the flow of the session. There were plenty of instructions I could subtly try to subvert (which I did, and which had very painful consequences). She read the tone of my voice, recognising and responding to the merest hints of insincerity, sarcasm or insolence.

Eventually, after many poor attempts (and additional punishments), I apologised for my behaviour in a way that she deemed acceptable, and I was discharged. I almost fell into her arms, in a hazy glow of well-being and exhaustion. We sat and chatted for a while, as I gradually eased back into some degree of normality, and I found myself asking for just a little bit more – just a final six of the (absolute) best, to see me on my way.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon I replayed the session in my mind. It had been so rich. It felt like it had lasted forever, and I kept remembering small additional details that had me smiling for hours. Through Sophia’s skill I’d found a deeper place in my head, closer to the root of my fantasies, and this brought me profound sense of relief and calm that I have not felt for a while.

Sophia is truly a star – a gem in this CP world. I cannot recommend her highly enough, despite my early indifference. A rare combination of beauty and intelligence, of wonderful insight and sensitivity, of total domination, and with the capacity and skill to administer a range of punishments right to the limit, and just far enough beyond. To have achieved a session like this on first meeting, going straight into the scenario in role, and not to have succumbed to any of the risks is testament to this lady’s exceptional skill.

It was an amazing session – much more than I had dreamed of. I hope to visit her many more times, and to be taken even deeper into my fantasies. She has definitely joined my ‘elite’ list …” – slave Glen


“I do not belong to the fetish ‘scene’, nor do I consider myself a weirdo, but now and again I just love the thrill, and rush of being whipped by a beautiful mistress.

After contacting the mistress who I session with, I was really disappointed that our timings didn’t match, and I simply could not get in to see her. Reluctantly, I began searching for a new venue and mistress. I gingerly emailed a couple and waited to see if they could fit me in. Whilst I was waiting for a response, I came across the website of Goddess Sophia. The website was very professional, she sessioned from an absolutely stunning dungeon and was herself absolutely stunning in her gallery photos. Mistress Sophia got back to me very quickly with news that the dungeon in question was booked out all day, the only day I could make a session. However, Mistress Sophia informed me that she could actually meet me for a late session on that said day, fantastic!

My heart was pounding immediately at the thought of meeting such a stunning mistress. The meeting was not for a few days, and mistress Sophia advised as it was the first session, that I email a scenario to play out. This I did, keeping it as brief as possible, but I did ramble on a bit.

The day I question came around. Heart pounding, I met mistress Sophia, dress in a full catsuit and black boots!!!. We chatted for a short period and discussed what I had done previously, and what I would like from the session. I then was shown to some fabulous facilities, told to undress, and wait.

I was immediately led down to the dungeon. By now my heart was trying to leap out of my chest. I was instructed to kneel. A leather hood was placed on my head. Slowly, draw strings were tightened up, really tight. This felt good. It was completed by a very tight black posture collar, strapped up as hard as it could go. By now I was very, very nervous.

Hands tied up to a bar, my balls were the first target. Tied up very tightly and a little ‘introducer’ weight added as a teaser of what was to come.

A flogger began to rain down on my back and bottom. This felt really nice, not too harsh, I’m not into the really hard stuff. But this warmed me up very quickly.

Mistress Sophia then began with a long single tail, something that I had noted in my scenario that I really liked. She began to go to town on me. the sound of the whip coming through the air, and then the pain sent me onto another planet. After a very short time my body began to involuntary shake. It was almost pre-orgasmic. I was amazed that I only had to use the safe word a couple of times. I am not one who can normally take very much. In the mirrored room I could watch the mistress, dressed in a gorgeous catsuit lashing me, wow! what a scene.

I could not believe when the session was up and I almost begged for more. Mistress Sophia did actually have more time and we continued with the whip. lash after lash. I was really feeling it by now. Due to the posture collar, I could not see what marks had been made, but after the session was over I was amazed at what I had been able to take. In parts, my skin was not quite broken but it was certainly bruised, and lash marks were all over me. It sounds ridiculous, but god it felt good.

I urge anyone who has had any thoughts of being whipped to try it out and be at the mercy of Goddess Sophia. She is a brilliant mistress and I look forward to a session with her again in the future.”  – slave C


“I have known about Goddess Sophia for awhile but never did contact her for some unknown reason but last week sent her an e-mail, to great surprise I received one back within minites and before I new it was speaking on the phone and not too long after was on my way.
After arriving I phoned and was given the address and soon after was entering her lair, there is no doubt about it she is a goddess with a lovely accent. After a brief chat about what would happen in the session which was bondage with strapon I was told to get undressed and bend over her bench on my elbows, hooded, hands secured and tied very expertly and tightly secured to said bench with ankles secured and spread with my backside in the position required so I new what was coming especially when a bag was opened in front of me and I think 4 strapons pulled out in varying sizes from medium to huge, I had no escape, goddess sophia wanted her fun. I was happy I was tested by such a stunning mistress, I was well and truely secured in bondage and tested with her cocks and went home with a big grin. This was our first session which went well, I know mistress will be more demanding next time and more training I will need before I can be one of her stable of bitches, but I will be soon back for more training to achieve her high standards. Goddess sophia is a beautiful, tall and elegant well spoken mistress which made me honoured to be in her lair.” – slave D


“I recently had the great and undoubted pleasure of meeting Goddess Sophia at her dungeon in Harrogate.
The Goddess is wonderful to look at, she is good looking, has a lovely figure and a lovely smile. Goddess Sophia has a wicked sense of humour, a very calm and authoritative manner and I felt at ease in her company.
I liked the feeling of good old fashioned domination. I was tied up and experienced a fantastic caning session with her. Goddess has a fantastic cane made up of three canes, I urge both new and experienced slaves to call her and beg for this device. It was without doubt the best, most erotic caning session I have ever experienced.
I travel a lot throughout the UK and have visited over forty five different Mistresses in my time; Goddess Sophia was one of the very best I have met.
It hurt in a beautiful but sensuous way, until I could take no more and begged for mercy. Once my pleas were accepted I was then subjected to a fantastic strap on pounding from her; again it hurt, but in a wonderful, hard, forceful way that I can hardly put into words. It really was one, if not the very best, session I have ever enjoyed.
In the morning I woke up feeling that I needed to see her again, so I got dressed and booked an appointment for that day as well. Again, with a beating heart I felt the cane and strap on all over again – I have never had two sessions in two consecutive days; I couldn’t help myself and just had to experience it all over again.
I was challenged to write a review; I was told that failure to produce one would have grave consequences: for each day I failed to produce the review I would be given five strokes per day punishment at our next meeting. I am up to one hundred and forty penalty strokes and know that I will have to take them. It reached the point where I deliberately left the review writing, safe in the knowledge that I was accumulating a punishment tariff that I can hardly bear to think about.
I will be visiting Goddess Sophia again as soon as time allows – and know what is waiting for me – I can hardly wait and want to go much further with this wonderful, wonderful Goddess.
Goddess Sophia is truly magnificent – easy to be with and very beautiful. I urge anyone thinking of meeting a Dominant Goddess to look no further. Don’t hesitate, call her and make that visit. It is worth every moment and effort it takes to earn your place at her feet.
I like her because she is a very classy woman, very funny and very easy going in that she somehow understands exactly what a slave needs.
Thank you Goddess and I will see you soon for my whatever punishment you feel I have coming to me. I want to be beaten without mercy and show Goddess Sophia that she has my ultimate respect.” – slave Martin


“Be careful what you wish for………when Sophia has her next victim tightly secured to her punishment bench there is no escape from her sadistic presence.

The victims nervousness increases as she slowly puts on her leather gloves and takes the judicial cane from in front of the bench and swishes it through the air

the prisoner feels a light tap , then the cane swings back before landing with an exquisite ‘crack’, when a white hot line of pain sears across his buttocks

the mistress takes her time to lay each stroke exactly parallel with the last, using her full strength with great elegance and grace

For the prisoner the pain is intolerable, unbearable. at that moment the only things he thinks about are the mistress, her cane, and the pain.

The prisoner cries and begs for mercy, there is no mercy here, only discipline, correction.

After 60 strokes the mistress declares the sentence completed. The victim is invited to thank the mistress for his punishment. If the the mistress is not persuaded by his sincerity, she keeps a thick leather prison strap to help educate him further in the error of his ways……..” slave S


“It has become somewhat of a habit to find myself at Goddess Sophia’s door since I first met her in early 2016. I’m met by tall, flame haired Goddess. Her presence is striking, but I feel at ease in her company. Mistress is relaxed and laid back; her movements slow and fluid. She radiates natural confidence, which without a word spoken, leaves you with no doubt who is in charge.

As a domestic servitude and discipline fan, Mistress has set me a cleaning task. Her instructions are clear, her expectations high and should I not meet her exact requirements, I am well versed in the consequences. I am set to work and Mistress is not one to selfishly withhold her opinions on the means, method and the pace of my progress. I inform her when I am finished and she instructs me to lay on the floor whilst she leaves to inspect my work. I’m naked, hog tied and secure in my soft rope harness that is fixing the butt plug firmly in place. I’m blind folded and very conscious that my exposed bottom is already hot and a crimson shade of red from an earlier spanking.

My mind is racing and I notice that too are Mistress’ footsteps as she approaches the door, which opens quickly, slams shut and her glass is placed abruptly on the table, leaving me in no doubt that she is not pleased. I am given the opportunity to provide an explanation and issue a first rate apology. I grovel, but there is no mercy. Mistress is fair, but will thoroughly punish misdemeanours and she is of course, right. Mistress unclips my cuffs and orders me to my feet…her hands, firmly holding my hair, followed by the shock of her hand connecting suddenly with my face….

Mistress uses an impressive variety of means to discipline her subs. She is creative and an incredibly skilled disciplinarian. She has a firm hand and a strong arm that will make even the most stuborn bottom wince. I’ve been very lucky to experience the birch and Mistress really exceeds when gifting her subs with the reward of the most beautiful stripes from the cane. Before meeting Sophia, I’d never experienced subspace, yet now a session doesn’t pass when I don’t achieve an incredible high and enjoy a blessed out state that lasts for hours.

Needless to say there are lovely bruises to be enjoyed for weeks afterwards and as soon as they’ve healed, I find myself longing for more, and Mistress is of course, always happy to oblige!” – slave J