Express Caning

Over the course of my years on the scene I have built a reputation as an expert with the cane, and it is definitely something I have a lot of passion and talent for. My canings are tailored to suit your level of experience and tolerance to pain, and very accurate. You will leave my premises with a set of perfectly parallel lines across your throbbing buttocks with no stray whacks to your legs or back (which is always protected with a pad, just in case).

Beginners as well as advanced caning enthusiasts are welcome. If you have had enough after one set of six light strokes – you are free to end the session and go on your way. If you want to be thrashed for the full 30 minutes – I will be only too happy to oblige.

I have a formidable collection of canes from thin, whippy, junior dragon canes all the way up to prison specification Singapore canes. I also have a few more unusual canes made from materials such as delrin, and a cane made out of three canes bound together in a sleeve.

I am now offering 30 minute Express Caning sessions from my premises in Harrogate for just £50.

Terms And Conditions

• This offer is for 30 minute caning sessions ONLY. You come in, you get caned, then you leave exactly 30 minutes after you arrived. No warm up, no spanking, no nothing that’s not caning.

• You may book consecutive 30 minute slots if you would like a longer caning session.

• Sessions must be paid for in full, upfront. This can be done electronically by bank transfer. I will provide payment details once we have agreed a date and time for your session.

• There are no refunds or transfers. Once you have booked and paid for your session, you turn up or you lose your money. Have some respect for my time and don’t book if you can’t commit to attending your appointment.

• Sessions take place in my playroom in Harrogate. This is in a residential location, so noise must be kept within reasonable levels. The odd gasp or yelp is absolutely fine, but if you can’t control yourself from screaming at the top of your lungs then these sessions are not for you. I will still happily cane you, but you will have to book the Leeds Chamber Of Depravation and pay for a full price session.

• This offer does not include judicial caning. I also will not cane past the point that the skin breaks (if we get that far) – 30 minutes of caning followed by 2 hours scrubbing blood off the walls and ceiling is not my idea of an enjoyable time.

• I will not be taking requests for outfits for these sessions, I will dress exactly as I please on the day.

• Everything is always entirely at my discretion.

To apply for one of these sessions, copy and paste the template email below.



Subject: Express Caning Application


Date(s) you are available to attend:

Preferred time(s):

Any health issues I should be aware of:

Any questions: